Land Guardians

These are trusted volunteers who offer a special commitment – they help to maintain health and safety within the AdF house and on the land and to safeguard the project.

They have a similar role in some ways to our AdF Stewards and work in parallel to them.

Who can be a Land-Guardian?

They may or may not be also Stewards – but all must first be AdF Community Members.

So, new visitors and Guest Faeries are NOT eligible to be Land-Guardians until they have been accepted firstly as Community Members and previously spent some time at AdF.

Once accepted, they are expected to take their place on our Land Guardian Rota at some point during the year.  They are also granted a Long-Stay permission when active on the Rota.

This Rota aims to ensure that some Land-Guardians are present on the land throughout the year (if possible)

Please Note: In general, Community Members who are granted a Long-Stay permit may also be encouraged to consider being Land-Guardians as well, if considered appropriate, but this will not be compulsory for them.


Land-Guardians are asked to take on the following responsibilities on behalf of the AdF community:

  • Knowledge of where keys and valuables are kept on the premises;
  • Knowledge of basic health and safety procedures;
  • Knowledge of local amenities such as shops, banks, travel-guides, neighbours, emergency services, internal AdF contacts;
  • Ability to assist with queries in relation to these;
  • Ability to welcome, support and assist Gathering Organizers in opening up and closing down after gatherings;
  • Ability to maintain the premises between gatherings and to be able to manage if left in sole possession for short periods;
  • Willingness to commit to being present on the land via a yearly Rota for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Awareness of and consent to any House-Care and Land-Management Plans developed by AdF Team Circles, and maintaining a good connection with the Team.
  • Expectation that they will actively join the Team Circle for Land-Management and House Care during the time they are present at AdF as Land-Guardians.
  • Knowledge of and consent to the operating procedures, aims and vision of our ADF Community.
  • Ability to guide and advise visitors, guests and Community Members in the operation of all the above.

How to be a Land-Guardian

Any AdF Community Member who is intending to stay on the land for 2 weeks or more (outside of gathering times) can apply to the Stewards Circle for acceptance as a Land-Guardian.
This is separate from simply seeking permission to have a longer stay on the land between gatherings.

Please Note: – the additional responsibilities must be clearly understood and agreed by all parties.

So applicants must receive, understand and consent to the Land-Guardian Agreement which contains the description and responsibilities as above.

As Land-Guardians are encouraged to be on the premises regularly, it is usual that they will be granted an initial Long-Stay permit of 3 months simultaneously.

Stewards and Land-Guardians alike, as trusted volunteers for the ADF Community, are able to be on the land whenever needed –

  • However, the same as all others, if staying for more than 14 days, they still need to gain consent for extended stays and to liaise appropriately with any gatherings and events taking place.
  • Land-Guardian status is renewable at every Great Circle by agreement of Community Members present.
  • During each Great Circle Gathering, a workshop session reviewing how Land Guardianship is progressing will take place prior to the Plenary Circle.

This is important so that the role and responsibilities are clearly understood and accepted, and so that any new evolution of the role can be reviewed by the whole community.