Welcome to Alto das Fadas

All Radical Faeries are welcome to get involved with our project – But please do take time to find out more about us first.

We do not aim to be a casual drop-in space but are in development as a community with our own vision and intention.

Visitors, as Guest Faeries, can apply either to join an organised gathering (via our website) or for a short stay of up to 4 weeks.

Once a Radical Faerie has attended AdF / helped to co-create a gathering, then they are encouraged to be a Community Member of Alto das Fadas.

Community Members agree to the aims of our Association and renew membership annually. They may apply to stay for up to 3 months at a time.(see link below)

Any Community Members may wish to volunteer time and commitment as a member of one of our 4 Team Circles which meet through the year online and in-person.

Those who wish to take on further duties to serve the community can apply to be Land-Guardians or Stewards.

These significant and trusted roles are agreed by the community at our regular (usually annual) AdF Great Circles.


Trans and non-binary policy

Alto das Fadas is a trans and non-binary inclusive space.

  • We recognise the right of people who were assigned male at birth but now living as women and self-identifying as women to be accepted, treated and recognised as women and female.
  • We recognise the right of people who were assigned female at birth but now living as men and self-identifying as men to be accepted, treated and recognised as men and male.
  • We recognise the right of people who do not conform to normative standards of gender and who self-identify as non-binary/anti-binary or gender-fluid or gender-rejecting/ gender-transcending or similar terms, to be accepted, treated and recognised in their chosen identity, in use of choice of pronouns and to be living within our community in this way as they choose.

As a community/ organisation, we positively affirm this.

We cannot support applicants to our community who do not endorse this.

Therefore, we will take steps to educate and inform those who may not yet be fully aware or who lack understanding and appreciation of these issues.

  • We will ensure that those who do not behave in harmony with these recognitions, do then receive appropriate attention to maintain community safety.
  • We aim to safe-guard our community in a fair, transparent and accountable manner.
  • We aim to revise and review our processes in ways that respond with compassion and justice to the needs and learnings of our collective understanding and growth.

See you there….Love, Miqxtra, Ananda, Cairn, Tyr and Jade