Dear Faerie,


CoCorona’s in da house! And outside of the house too. It’s basically everywhere in Europe.

I’m sure you all HAD IT with the Corona virus…. Officially!

Well, hopefully you have not caught the virus. If you have be assured we’re sending you loads of healing energy and well wishes so that you may have a speedy recovery.

Even though faery is a social people and love to gather in beautiful sanctuaries we’re also part of the society around us. So the stewards of Alto das Fadas with caring and sad hearts had to put all gatherings at Alto das Fadas on hold and even cancel some until the pandemic has passed. See https://www.safecommunitiesportugal.com/major-incident-coronavirus-2019-ncov/ to keep up to date.

But faeries are creative and won’t cower down before a virus that doesn’t even glitter. So we are now launching the Alto das Fadas virtual sanctuary. And we invite you all to help us build an even stronger more connected community in this time of turmoil. And guess what? Its not just us. Its faeries everywhere. The resistance starts with feathers and sparkles!

You’re home alone dressing up in your best sequence dress and there’s no one to see your splendour. You’re in home isolation and reeeeeally need some company that warms your heart. You’re in luck, Sparlkes! Faeries from all over the world are holding regular online heart circles, digital no talent shows and virtual discos to last us all through the crisis. So get your best drag ready, it’s time to party!!

We have invested in a paid Zoom account (video conferencing) and can host up to 100 faeries at once in the virtual sanctuary. We can be together for hours and hours and hours and imagine that we’re in front of the fireplace in Alto das Fadas. Zoom works on Smartphones and all computers. So get the veggie lasagne in the oven and snuggle up (virtually) to all the other faeries out there.

The online sanctuary can be found at https://zoom.us/j/2588373370?pwd=NGwwRkxqR0pYVlBVKzE4RDNyNHpsZz09 and there is a Global Heart Circle every day at 8PM UK / Portuguese time, 9PM CET.

Check the Alto das Fadas website and Faenet for the latest schedule of events, and if you can host an event please make contact with Alto das Fadas Stewards at yoohoo@altodasfadas.org.

Heart circles will be announced on the All Das Fadas whatsapp Group.

See you there….Love,Miqxtra, Ananda, Pan Pan, Andorinha, Cairn, Tyr and Blue Heart