21 – 28 March 2020 – Sex Magick

Consider these questions?

  • How can I extend the limits of intimacy with my community?
  • Does sex constrain or expand my relationships with men?
  • How can I better integrate sexual play and my desires into my intimate relationships?
  • Does recreational sex diminish my capacity for intimacy in a committed relationship?
  • How does the prevailing society’s prudishness dampen and undermine the intimacy in my relationships?
  • How does my sexuality and my spirituality inter-relate?
  • Are my sexual and my spiritual aspects one in the same?
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May 16th-23rd 2020 – Tantrastic

Dear Friends, Queer Friends,

Join us for a week-long exploration of meditation, healing, introspection, intimacy, Tantric practices, dishwashing, art, massage, baths under the stars, laughter, heart circles, more dishwashing, and a No Talent Show!

We cherish the respect by each other’s boundaries and pace, so we encourage all to be lovely open in their communications, in order to help all be in synch and harmony.

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