Welcome to Alto das Fadas

This website is an archive for what once was, and for what is to be.

In human terms, our website is shut down but our email is being monitored Contact link.

As a community we are undergoing changes with our search for new land, reorganizing ourselves with current Global Events, and finding how to come together through a virtual body through Zoom and mobile applications.

This web page is currently going through deconstruction to reconstruct a magical online landscape that will hold better grasps for the intentions of what we wish to see happen in the physical world.

If you are interested in this project, and wish to meet members of the community, we hold a weekly online Tea Party every Thursday, and the details can be found on faenet.org.

Please find more background information on us in our About Page or our Wiki and through other links posted here.

We can also answer personal queries if you send a message through our Contact link.