Faerie space is counter-cultural to the mainstream gay culture and the concrete world. It is a place to freely explore who you are, and who you could be. Discovering and exploring new models of how humans can thrive in harmony with nature.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging for both facilitators to hold the space and for attendees to experience it. Through transparent communication, encouraging faerie led initiatives and building trust between you and others.

This is as a sacred, shared space for the creation of a thriving culture based on radical honesty, brother/sisterhood, inclusivity, and sustainability.

We seek to promote freedom, self-acceptance, healing, playfulness, creativity, magic, and growth; to reclaim our spiritual role as queer individuals and community; and develop loving, healthy relationships with ourselves, nature, our community, and with humanity as a whole throughout the generations.

A typical faerie day will consist of….

Morning practical circle
Get together as one group and plan the daily tasks in order to share the responsibilities of holding community life. Cooking, cleaning and developing community projects. This enables a structure where activities can occur harmoniously.

This means that breakfast is self service, lunch and dinner are made by gathering participants on a voluntary basis.

Heart Circle
At the core of faerie life is the heart circle. It is a sacred, safe and non-judgemental space for sharing our emotions. A place to offer and receive support from the community.

Reclaiming our role as spiritual leaders and creating rituals which we can relate to that nourishes our communities spiritual needs.

Workshops and other offerings
When each individual shares their skills and experience it enriches the community.

Self Care
We are really encouraged to participant in activities but also to take the time to be aware of our personal process and give time for self care.