Covid 19

The situation in Portugal with Covid is liable to change (as everywhere). AdF seeks to comply with local law and good practice.

Anyone showing symptoms, or in recent contact with folk who test positive for Covid, are asked not to come to the area, which currently has a very low incidence.

We do not want AdF to be a source of infection in the area and thus put lives at risk, as well as gaining a poor reputation with our neighbours.

If people do test positive for Covid while at AdF, or suspect that their symptoms may be Covid, then they are expected to stay in quarantine at AdF. This will affect their return travel plans.

Folk at AdF who have been in contact with such patients, need to consider their position carefully. We ask attendees to be very serious about the spread of transmission by not travelling outward after being exposed to other people with symptoms.

If there is among us a definite positive test result while at AdF, then we will all be subject to Portuguese law on dealing with contacts and tracing. The law and guidance may change, but it is very likely to require us to stay in quarantine in some effective way that protects others.

Please do consider all this before deciding to travel so that all of us stay safer and happier.