12 – 17 of September Rebirth Gatherette, 18 – 26 of September Equijoy Gathering.

Oi, Faeries!

For the first time we are combining the registration form of the Gatherings that are to happen in Alto das Fadas. Our main reason to do so is because the gatherings will follow each other, it’s our attempt to simplify the registration, you’re more than welcome to join us for both gatherings, just be sure to let us know which dates work for you!

The situation in Portugal with Covid is about to change as the Portuguese government announced that new measurements are going to be put in action from the 15th of September. They are to be announced on September 7th, so if you register before this date, please do expect to receive more info about the new portuguese measurements.

Rebirth Gatherette

As summer turns into autumn, The land of Alto das Fadas is preparing for a new start…

The wild fire has scorched the hills, but also revealed new paths and new possibilities. We invite you to join us in a gatherette dedicated to sustainability, permaculture and connection with the earth. 5 days of cheerful faerie magic, a unique potion made of physical work, self care and inspiration! During the gatherette we intend to rebuild what has been lost in the fire, start creating our long-term plan for the land, and prepare for the Equijoy gathering that will follow our gatherette!


Morning Star(AKA Starlet), Simba & Ananda.

Equijoy Gathering

In this time of Uncertainty and Opportunity

We want to come together as faeries towards the new,
We want to empower each other from Within in Radical Joy, community, art and Love.
We want to celebrate together the Equinox, this time of the year of
harvest, Abundance, balance, gratitude,
Reflection & renewal.
We want to welcome Faeries from all Genders and colors,
connecting to the many voices rising on the globe at the moment.
We want to invoke our ancient frequency as Faeries, as queers
to come together in tears and celebration to this gathering in Alto Das Fadas.

Facilitators: Atlantis Spice and Skye (FKA Spiriala).

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