May 16th-23rd – Tantrastic

Dear Friends, Queer Friends,

Join us for a week-long exploration of meditation, healing, introspection, intimacy, Tantric practices, dishwashing, art, massage, baths under the stars, laughter, heart circles, more dishwashing, and a No Talent Show!

We cherish the respect by each other’s boundaries and pace, so we encourage all to be lovely open in their communications, in order to help all be in synch and harmony.

Full – Registration Closed

Cost is 20-40 Euros per day of your stay, depending on your ability to pay.

No One is Turned Away For Lack of Funds – but remember that this new sanctuary-to-be is maintained by contributions-..

If you have any questions,

ask Sidney at / Whatsapp: +351914215252

or May at / Whatsapp: +1 510 541 5118

We especially welcome those who have never been to a Faerie space.

Come with your free spirit and love to co-create with us the safe and respectful space for flourishing the expansion of our heart and souls.

It would be so delightful to see you!

Sidney & May

2 Replies to “May 16th-23rd – Tantrastic”

  1. Youhoo!!!
    I’m a portuguese fairy living in Paris. I would like to have more d├ętails about the exact location of the sanctuary pliz

    1. Hi Bubbles,
      Check the renewed how to get there page.
      Exact location is only shared once subsribed for a gathering.
      We gotta keep the mystery alive, right? ­čÖé

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