January 4 – 9 2020 – Stewards and Volunteer Gathering

 Opening Circle after lunch Saturday 4th January 2020

Alto das Fadas calls all who have served or who wish to serve as Stewards and/or active volunteers to gather. We ask all who cannot be physically present to share in video conference then (time/day to be confirmed).

In the first 2 days, we will review what has worked well for us individually and collectively and what can be much improved. There will be time to offer thanks and appreciation of each other.

After this, we will re-set our objectives:

  • firstly for the coming year ahead
  • then for the longer term future of our community

We will review the work of each Circle and assess whether to combine circles in new team combinations. The scope and remit of each Circle and work team will also be reviewed.

Our legal registration and the implications of this will also be examined. All of us are asked to register as Community Members.


Folk need not pledge to be stewards as such, but may wish to be recognized as Active Volunteers. These may be as a general helper or to serve in a specific way, via a project or special interest. They can in this way then attach themselves to a specific circle or work-team if they wish.

In turn, the AdF stewards will ensure that they are kept informed about developments promptly. Such volunteers may or may not join the Slack teams, but must agree a defined way of team communication.

All Stewards are asked to:

  • pledge to serve in at least one specific circle for a good period of time.
  • commit to monthly online meetings.
  • attend shared Heart Circles frequently, as & when able.
  • maintain an overview and guidance of the project and its objectives.

A minimum of 7 stewards is requested – hopefully we can have some more!

Process of Election and Resignation

Stewards and Active volunteers are asked to offer their pledges at a formally convened Great Circle. This gathering will form the first of these.

On this occasion, pledges will be accepted and recognized by all those present. In future, a meeting of all Community Members will be called with due notice and these members will approve (or not) such pledges.Stewards are expected to serve for the whole term between Great Circles.

However, if any steward wishes to step down, they should give notice at a monthly meeting, or via Slack if urgent. If a Steward misses 3 consecutive Steward Circles and is not participating in Team Circles, that is also a resignation from the post.


We ask that proposals for the agenda or the program sessions are received in writing by Monday 30th December – either via Slack or by email to yoohoo@altodasfadas.org

Closing and Celebrations

There will time set for relaxation and celebration through the week to establish heart-centered connections. We invite any others not attending the official business to arrive from Thursday (9/1/2020) onwards.

The Closing Circle will be on afternoon of Thursday 9th January.

After that, there will be a full moon celebration day/night on Friday 10th January.

Folk may wish to stay on during the weekend after for an informal time.


When you register, please do indicate how you may wish to help during the gathering. We especially need help in the kitchen, with fires/wood & with transport/pickups. Please also say when you expect to arrive and leave.

We may well have to prepare to close the house up at the end. This is a crucial and exciting time for our project and the network we are building.

Please do keep in touch and contribute in the Iberia group on faenet.org for the bigger picture.

Register here

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