21st May to 15th June 2020 – Community Work Gathering – Extended!

The Community Work week has been extended until the 15th of June….

We still need to abide by health and safety measures, but we can now call Radical Faeries to help us to bring faerie-life back to the land once mo

If you feel this call and are able to travel safely, we welcome you to join in helping to work together on this.

The house and land will need willing hands to restore them to be fit to receive more faeries later on, whenever this may be possible.

Currently we will be limiting numbers to only 8 and those present will need to be willing to observe specific conditions during their stay.

  • You should check with your local government for the conditions of leaving and returning (for instance you may not be allowed back into your country). For example for the UK see https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/portugal/coronavirus
  • You may be health screened by the authorities on entry in Portugal (usually a body temperature check)
  • By law masks and social distancing are still MANDATORY on public transport, and there is a recommendation for regular hand hygiene.
  • If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 in AdF it is mandatory that we stay quarantined on the land until everyone is healthy again – only then can someone leave. Please check on the AdF website, or ask us, if we are quarantined or not quarantined at the moment of your arrival.

If you feel you can help by participating on the Work Gathering, please message us here and apply to register for a 14 days stay at AdF.


Blue Heart; Squirtle; Lumberjenny

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