23rd – 31st July – Reconnection Gathering

Beloved faeries,

after months of physical isolation, we are slowly re-emerging with the aim to re-connect. We invite you to

  • Re-connect with our physical bodies;
  • Re-connect with nature, the sanctuary, a Radical Faerie sacred space;
  • Re-connect with each other and the community.

We will focus on our bodies through yoga, movement, meditation, dance, exquisite food and sensual pleasure.
Our sanctuary provides countless opportunities to engage with the nature, work on the permaculture garden project, explore and maintain the land, and build something new.
We will reconnect with each other through authentic relating games, heart circles, radical honesty and love.

When: 23-31 July 2020
Where: Alto das Fadas Sanctuary, near Sabugal, Portugal
Recommended donation: 20-40 Eur/faerie/night. Principles of NOTAFLOF (nobody turned away for lack of funds) & GAYABAGS (give as you are able but always give something) apply.

Our intention is to create a space free of mind-altering substances (alcohol, weed, shrooms, powders etc.) and get high without them.

The facilitators are FrivolousFreedom and Simba.

Register here

Especially welcome are faeries and friends from the Iberian Peninsula. There is no need to speak English to attend. Facilitators speak Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, French, Slovak and Polish.

2 Replies to “23rd – 31st July – Reconnection Gathering”

  1. Hi, I won’t be able to leave the island of Ireland this Summer – marooned!

    All the best with the event. I hope to be able to travel more next year, pandemic permitting ­čÖü


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