18 December 2019 – 2 January 2020 – Winter Solstice Gathering

In the heart of winter, the darkest hour, we celebrate the colorful chosen family of faeries, friends and allies! 

Celebrating the warmth and acceptance, the depth and the high spirit of faerie-land, the magic that is created when we allow ourselves to meet with our hearts…

We are weaving the enchanted fabric of our community into a great blanket all faeries can cuddle under in a long winter night, and we warmly invite you to weave your special thread into this creation:

  • A song
  • A story
  • A question
  • Something delicious
  • Or simply being you

Between Winter solstice dreaming seed ritual, that will open the gathering, and New Years fire of the heart ritual that will close it, we have plenty of time to celebrate the light that grows day by day…

Alto das Fadas aims to be a queer inclusive space for all genders / sexualties and colours of the rainbow.

We recommend to take part in the whole gathering but you are invited to come to only part of it according to your wish and ability. This two week long gathering allows us plenty of time to share ideas, our knowledge and experience with each other through workshops as well as other activities. Unleash your imagination!

We invite more facilitators for this gathering. The following roles need to be filled:

  • Kitchen non-binary deity
  • Money goddess
  • Transport co-ordination faerie

Make contact if you feel drawn to co-facilitate.

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2 Replies to “18 December 2019 – 2 January 2020 – Winter Solstice Gathering”

  1. Hello, dear ones!

    This is Buddhamensch from Portland, Oregon.

    I’m seriously weighing whether to go to Alto das Fadas’ Winter Solstice Gathering but do have some questions on practical matters:

    1) How specifically does one best get from Lisbon to AdF via public transportation?

    2) Is there still sleeping space available in the main house? (Since I’m coming all the way from the North American Pacific coast, I won’t be able to bring along a tent.)

    3) Please let me know how cold does it get in AdF in winter, so I’ll know what kind of winter clothing to bring. (I don’t want to bring something too bulky —which takes up luggage space— if I don’t have to.)

    Muito obrigado for answering this questions. (I do speak Portuguese, but it’s the Brazilian variety. 🙂 )

    1. Hi Buddhamensch,
      The best way to come to the sanctuary is on a bus from Lisbon. Buy a ticket to Gingal which will drop off at Belmonte (I know it’s confusing!!). A pickup can be arranged from there.
      Yes we have a dormitory with lots of mattresses.
      It does not get below freezing but at night it can get very cold – down to 1-2 degrees celsius – so a four season sleeping bag is ideal – however have plenty of blankets etc. During the day, it can warm up and on a sunny day it can be very pleasant.
      Blue Star x

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