17 – 24 August – New moon Healing gathering

Heart, body and soul well-being

Join us to celebrate the new moon in Leo. Celebrating and giving thanks to what we have accomplished this year. The first harvest, like a Pink seed, that started to grow in the Spring, Alto das Fadas is flowering and giving fruit into the Summer.

This gathering is for our community wellbeing, an invitation for you to co-create a process that will do good for the land, to the community and to each individual faerie.

Join us in weaving together the magic of healing. Our intention is to co-create a daily time line enriched with heart circles, other well-being practices like yoga, massage, conscious movement, dance, music and whatever you have to bring.

Not only do we want healing practices, but we invite you to share your knowledge with your fellow faeries. So get your thinking caps on and bring something special of you to Alto das Fadas.

We welcome all the colours of the rainbow and their friends – our intention is to make the gathering as inclusive as possible. This is a conscious gathering.

Register here.

Love, Ananda

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